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Slot Rules

Slots! So fun! So deadly! Well...maybe not deadly. But slots can be a pretty good way to lose an awful lot of money, particularly in land-based casinos. But I've got a secret for you: not only are online slots are easy and fun to play, in many online casinos they offer insanely great odds as well!

Most online casinos have a huge selection of excellent slot machines: great graphics and a wide variety are pretty much par for the course. Playing at these casinos is easy: Once you've deposited money via the cashier, you pick your game (the Gambling Bee is partial to the Magic Slots game, found at nearly all our recommended casinos, and have found it to be a winner! But all of them are fun) You then typically select which coin denomination you wish to play, and select if you want to "Bet One" or "Bet Max", which is usually 3 to 5 coins. Each time you want to spin, you then either click on "Spin" or the appropriate "Bet" button. When the slot machine reels stop, your payoff will be determined from a table of winning combinations listed on your screen.How much you win (if anything) is determined by where the wheels stop. The goal is to get the symbols (bars, numbers, special symbols, etc.) to line up on the payline in one of the winning combinations listed on the pay schedule. Each game has its own pay schedule and special symbols. For example, three cherries in a row may pay 12 to 1. Some machines have up to 9 paylines, or even pay on the diagonal, so be sure to read the rules for each game you play.

One tip: always bet the max if the winnings are exponential. That is, if getting triple cherries (or whatever) betting one coin will win you $100, and betting two will get you $200 and betting 3 will get you $300, then there's no particular reason to bet the max (i.e. 3 coins). BUT if betting one coin will win you $100, and betting two will get you $250 and betting 3 will get you $500, then it's to your distinct advantage to bet the max every time. But of course it's ultimately all relative. If you'd rather play three times as long, then by all means, play one coin. That's the best part about online slots as opposed to land-based slots: you're at home! Alone! You can do whatever the heck you want. Take advantage! Wear your pajamas to the "casino". Play your favorite CD! Have a good time.

One final note: some slot machines feature"Progressive Jackpots". The top payout on a progressive jackpot machine is not a fixed amount (unlike regular slot machines). Rather, jackpot values start at a certain level and grow each time somebody makes a bet (until some lucky player hits the jackpot). Progressive slots can grow to almost half a million dollars, and are therefore very popular. One neat thing is that if nobody wins, say, the 25 cents progressive, it can sometimes grow larger than the dollar progressive jackpot! So you can bet three quarters on a quarter slots machine to try to win thousands of dollars MORE than if you bet 3 dollars on the dollar slots! So keep your eye on the prize, but remember slots can be risky (like all gambling) when you don't know when to stop. Make a budget and stick to it, slots fans! And don't forget to check out our casino reviews to pick a casino to play at!

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