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Craps Lingo

OK craps newbies, here we go. Now. Walking up to a craps table can be pretty intimidating. First there's the people. Eyeing you. Checking you out....   

However, if you're a woman, and new to the game, you will be welcomed with open arms. You, missy, are good luck, Congratulations!   

If you are male, and a virgin craps player, DO NOT TELL ANYONE. You, sir, are bad luck. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.   

Now, as if that weren't bad enough, there's still that whole thing about other people's bets being entirely dependent on what YOU roll. How's that for pressure? Yeah.   

And last but not least, there's the slang. Craps slang.

You know, that craps lingo that streams out of dealers and savvy players mouths like they're calling an auction. Don't fret, friends of GamblingBee. We will show you the ropes. But wait! You say. We turn slowly towards you. Yes, we reply? What good will knowing craps terms do me if I'm playing alone online? We shake our heads sadly. Craps lingo isn't for other people, friend. It is for you, for your heart and soul and inner craps player! Speak it to your computer.

In fact, Gambling Bee encourages you to yell at your computer, kiss it, talk to it and thank it when you're are gaming online. It's part of the experience. So practice those terms, check out our online craps rules for more info, and then take a peak at our online casino reviews to pick a place to try out all your new fancy craps lingo.


Also known as...


Two Aces

Rats Eyes

Snake Eyes

Push the don't

Twice in the Rice

Two Craps Two

Two Bad Boys From Illinois


Also known as...

Ace Deuce

Ace Caught a Deuce

Winner On The Dark Side

Small Ace Deuce, Can't Produce


Also known as...

Little Joe

Little Joe From Kokomo

Hit Us in the Tu Tu

Ace Trey, the Country Way


Also known as...

After Five, the Field's Alive

Little Phoebe

Fiver, Fiver, Racetrack Driver

We Got the Fever


Also known as...

Big Red

Catch 'em in the Corner

Sixie from Dixie


Also known as...

Seven out, line away

Grab the money

Five Two, You're All Through,

Six Ace, End of the Race,

Front Line Winner, Back Line Skinner

Six One, You're All Done

Seven's a Bruiser, the Front Line's a Loser

Up Pops the Devil


Also known as...

Ozzie and Harriet

The Windows

Eighter from Decatur


Also known as...

Center field

Ocean Liner Niner,

Nina from Pasadena,

What shot Jesse James? A forty-five


Also known as...

Puppy Paws,


Pair of Sunflowers


Also known as...

Yo leven

Yo levine the dancing queen,

Six Five, No Jive


Also known as...



Atomic Craps

All the Spots We Got


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